As we fast forward 35+ years, MediSolutions continues to create quality healthcare products with our valued consumers in mind.

Pharma, physicians and patients alike are looking for solutions that work best for them in the current market, and we have them!

MediSolutions provides point-of-care programs through its unique marketing channels of MediScripts, MediLife Scripts and MediVRx, and said products are currently being utilized by over 150,000 physician subscribers (DOF – MediSolutions).

MediScripts provides brand messaging that reaches physicians when it matters most – as the prescriptions are being written. These pads are still a valuable staple in your local hospital or doctor’s office. MediLife Scripts provides health modifying behavioral changes that are specialty focused to improve communications between physicians and their patients in a prescription-like form. A prescription for greater health is what MediLife Scripts can provide. MediVRx gives branded and unbranded virtual reality education for patients in physician offices. This immersive experience is proven to have an 80% retention rate for users1. (footnote as per Fierce Healthcare) Virtual reality is truly the new reality with MediVRx.

We at MediSolutions greatly pride ourselves on providing quality products with the customer in mind.

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