Check out this hospital that implemented virtual reality in their surgical procedures. For three years, Hoag Memorial Hospital used virtual reality technology to create 3D reconstructions of patients’ brains from black and white CT and MRI scans. Patients were then able to view their brains in virtual reality and neurosurgeons used the virtual reconstructions to prepare for surgeries. The doctors were also able to turn the scans into augmented reality to overlay over the body during surgeries. Surveys taken from the hospital after the integration of this technology show that patient satisfaction was about 20 percent higher than the national average. 93% of the patients would definitely recommend the doctor and the percentage of patients who would choose to go to another hospital for treatment went from 36% to 4%. Virtual reality technology helped to make both doctors and their patients more comfortable with their medical care. Doctors are only half of the equation when it comes to good healthcare so when patients are able to participate in their well-being, everybody wins.