February 19, 2019

The DigiPharma Connect 2019 Conference will be underway in New Orleans, Feb 25-27. This year’s keynote speaker, Erez Lapsker, CEO of MediSolutions, will be presenting on Embracing the Revolution of Health Education.

DigiPharma Connect 2019 is a digital marketing event, that brings together 75 of North America’s most influential and
innovative executives in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It connects senior-level digital marketers to benchmark, innovate, and build relationships.

Given the theme – Embracing the Revolution of Health Education – it is easy to understand why Erez Lapsker, was invited as keynote speaker.  As CEO of MediSolutions, Erez Lapsker brings a consistent history of design and innovation experience specific to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Lapsker previously served as the President of MediSolutions, for over a decade, before founding OffWorld Laboratories – a multi-tech, virtual reality company committed to transforming the enterprise and individual experience through storytelling and connected technology.  Lapsker returned to the MediSolutions team as CEO to build VR experiences that deliver on the MediVRx health education platform for the healthcare industry.  VR can make an immediate impact for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, as well as for their customers and patients.  MediVRx is an innovative way to enhance learning and retention.  Lapsker’s vision for MediSolutions is to use disruptive technology to create a new paradigm for how pharma, physicians and patients interact with each other.