For dementia patients and their families, the crippling disease can take quite the toll. Sufferers can experience many different cognitive, behavioral, psychological and muscular changes that often come without warning. Proper diagnosis is so important but testing for any of the dementia diseases can be very grueling and very boring. There are tons of online and in office exams available but one virtual reality game is doing their part to make the process easier, and FUN.

Sea Hero Quest VR is the first of its kind – a virtual reality gaming application designed to help scientists fight dementia diseases. The trailer alone speaks volumes with its message, “Join a Virtual Quest To Make a Real Difference. Find Creatures. Help Science.” The app follows the captain of a ship who is experiencing loss of his keen knowledge of the sea. To try to regain his ailing memory, his determined son takes him to all of the places that they have sailed to with hopes of his father’s past to be remembered. For a fact, people with the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases have struggles with traveling from place to place so the game uses virtual reality in to assist scientists with gathering necessary information on how one with a healthy brain can move about in a particular area. The game also allows the player to track subtle eye movements and reactions in order to provide more accurate information for scientists. This then helps the scientists determine just what exactly occurs in the brain when different dementias set in.

In just two minutes of gaming, scientists can gather the equivalent to five research hours. That’s incredible!

VR CONTINUES to do amazing things in the medical field.

The app is available for Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets for FREE in the app store!